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Oscar Crockett Spurs

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See All Bits, Spurs, & Bridles. spurs Card Suit Spurs. Card Suit Spurs. $ 2, Cowboy and Western crockett, spurs Crockett Spurs · Crockett Spurs. $ 1,

Welcome to our site where you can get information and great deals on Western, Antique and custom cowboy spurs. Please Like our new Facebook page for more information and to speak to fellow Cowboy Spurs lovers. Western spurs are one of the most recognizable items in a Cowboys equipment. Not just a handy tool for steering your steed whilst driving cattle thousands of miles across the open American countryside, the spur is now a hot western wear and western jewelry fashion item worn by people of all walks and ages all over the world.

Because cowboy boots with a spur fitten are such a personal piece of equipment and because they are handmade, they have rapidly become very representative of the Cowboy ethos in America. This makes them a desirable and collectible item in the field of American Western Memorabilia. Americans love affair with the Spur began with the Spanish, dating back to the introduction of the spur to their continent by the Conquistador, Hernando Cortez in In early history the size of the rowel could be up to 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

For generations, these items have been constantly modified to adapt to the individual needs of the Cowboy. Cap guards, tie-downs, jinglebobs and rowel guards were all invented and added because of the need for increased safety and for the better use of spurs – and sometimes just for adding that something special to the design.

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FAIRFAX — Bob Clark started collecting spurs from local ranchers and of marked Bianchis (hand-forged), Kelly Brothers, Crockett-Renalde, Garcia, Some of the spurs date back to cowboys who were born in the s.

Much like fine china manufacturers mark their products or ceramics makers mark their planters and pots with unique identifying symbols or names or numbers, smiths do the same to their spurs. Blacksmiths have been marking their spurs partly for pride in workmanship, partly to identify the specific style and, in some cases, to identify when the spurs were manufactured. There is no standard marking procedure so the spur could be stamped anywhere except the rowel the pointed disc.

Most commonly, blacksmiths put their stamp on the heel band or yoke–the U-shaped metal that curves around the rear of the boot to which the shank and rowel are attached. Start by looking thoroughly on the outside of the yoke, also known as the heel band. Most often the marking would be stamped on the outside of the yoke but it could be stamped on the inside. Vanity usually dictated that the stamp was on the outside so people could readily identify the maker.

Depending on the age of the spur, markings could be worn if the spurs were heavily used. While the most widely manufactured spurs contain a branding mark, some custom-made spurs manufactured by smaller blacksmiths may not contain any branding. Check the neck of the spur if you can’t find any distinguishing marks on the yoke. Although more commonly marked on the yoke, smiths were free to put their stamp wherever they wanted.

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and outside buttons. The spurs were made by the Crockett Bit and Spur Co. and are marked. Unique Antiques and Collectibles Dating to the s. Village​.

This is only a partial list: The running tour is done at a comfortable pace for all levels and there are frequent stops along Dating crockett spurs way. The leather has great patina but is still soft. The spectacular, incredibly ornate building is located in downtown San Antonio, Texas. These old saddlebags have seen a lot of long work days in the saddle. The unique acre Texas Native Trail features over plant species in collections that represent three ecosystems, while the futuristic Lucile Halsell Conservatory takes visitors underground through a tunnel of soil into the Palm House, which is cut 20 feet into the earth.

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Perhaps when the cowboy’s riding days passed, the saddle got ignored for awhile but the early care helped preserve the saddle in it’s currently great condition. A lot of handwork and special skills go into their making. Shipley Saddle circa This is a highly sought after old west era saddle made by the famous saddlemaker and spurmaker Charles Pervine Shipley, born in Wooster, Ohio on October 27, Ties, cufflinks, scarves likewise complement a range of fairly-fitted jackets and bright chinos.

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Personnel to date includes R. W. Rogers, general manager; Dory B. Miller, and Pendleton Product!, Crockett Bits and Spurs, and Famous Mfller Western Wear.

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Sombrero Spurs by Crockett….

A spur is a metal tool designed to be worn in pairs on the heels of riding boots for the purpose of directing a horse or other animal to move forward or laterally while riding. It is usually used to refine the riding aids commands and to back up the natural aids the leg, seat, hands, and voice. The spur is used in many equestrian disciplines.

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It was also common for the wearers to request custom styles and designs, making it difficult to identify one brand from another — so manufacturers generally made sure there was a way to know. Crockett was one of the most storied spurs manufacturers and they generally made sure it was possible to tell if you had a Crockett spur. Once Crockett had been bought by a larger company owned by Jim Renalde, their spurs were marked with the initials CR, which stood for “Crockett Renalde.

Eliminate an alternative. If you are still struggling to be sure who manufactured a spur then it is possible to narrow down the possibilities and see if you are still left with Crockett. For example, if your spur is not marked with an anchor then it cannot be by Judd and Anchor, another prolific spurs manufacturer of the time.

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