Nick Viall’s Dating History: Looking Back at the Former Bachelor’s Love Life

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Between and , the Buffalo Bills went to four consecutive Super Bowls but never won. The Bills meanwhile became something of a punchline, and fans were left to imagine what could have been. Only a handful of people have appeared on more than one season of The Bachelor or its sister program, The Bachelorette. Nick Viall has not only been on two seasons, but he was runner-up both times. That is to say on two different seasons, Viall made it further than a combined 40 contestants, only to be rejected moments before proposing to two different women on network television. Furthermore, just this summer Viall appeared on Bachelor in Paradise — a sex club dressed as a Bug Juice reboot — where former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants couple off to earn additional days at a beach resort with an open bar and unlimited free pizza.

Nick Viall Has Had A LOT Of Rumored Relationships Since Appearing On ‘The Bachelor’

Holy shit she said yes!! It’s been a journey Bachelor Nation!! Leading up to the finale itself, when, in her confessionals, Grimaldi sounded as if a rejection would have been a relief. After four long years of his attempts at love on reality television, we all probably do. As for Lindsay, as the first Bachelorette of colour, she will be looking for love in a sea of subpar bachelors this May.

Reminds me of when Katniss and Peeta had to pretend they were in love on TV.

Bachelor in Paradise’s Nick Viall is dating someone, but he won’t say who it is just yet, but he established that he and Burnett are just friends.

Being the Bachelor may come with the promise of fairy tale romance, but more often than not, it doesn’t result in a long-lasting relationship. Take it from Nick Viall, who’s still single after appearing on the franchise four times. However, the two broke up only a few months after the season finale aired. Vanessa later told Bustle that she and Nick simply realized they were too different , and decided it was time to walk away. It was at least amicable, though, because Nick told Us Weekly a year after the split that while he and Vanessa ” don’t actively keep in touch ,” they’d “be there for each other if need be.

Since then, Nick has had a few rumored relationships, some more legitimate than others. Though Hollywood Life claimed Nick had been getting “flirty” with Haley Ferguson of the Ferguson twins on Instagram, he later clarified that they were just friends. No, we’re not dating! Nick was also rumored to be dating Mad Men star January Jones , but she similarly told Entertainment Tonight they were just friends.

However, Nick has since addressed both of these rumored relationships , insisting that he never dated either woman. Nick did tell Us Weekly he was dating at the time, but that nothing had amounted to anything serious. By Lindsay Denninger and Kelly Schremph. Results for:. Rule Breakers.

Bachelor Nick Viall films in Milwaukee

But still, just a couple days removed from his genuinely cute and only-a-little-vomity first date with Vanessa—more on that in a minute—Nick again allowed Corinne to walk all over him, putting up no resistance when a giggling Corinne stole him away from a group date and got very handsy inside a bouncy castle in full view of the twenty-odd other women on the show.

While this show is at its most fun when Nick is doing something idiotic, there were some bright spots this week, too. You’re a grown-up, so act like it. Before Nick got his soul snatched by Corinne, he had to deal with the fallout from his dismissal of Liz, a contestant whom he had hooked up with before filming started.

Finding love on “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” can be tough as a the two are “casually dating,” a few months after Underwood and his “Bachelor” that actress January Jones was dating former Bachelor Nick Viall.

Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. Ineye Komonibo. When hopeful contestants pull up to the storied Bachelor mansion every season, many of them do so in hopes of beating the odds and finding true love. View this post on Instagram. I’m kind of liking this,” Hannah Ann Sluss noted in the comments. Dean Unglert agreed, exclaiming that the pair should date. The duo would be in good company — and Barb Weber would probably approve despite wanting Kelley for her son, Peter.

January Jones Confirms Dating Rumors With ‘Bachelor’ Alum Nick Viall Despite Hating Him

On Sunday, Wolfe popped the question atop the St. Louis Gate in Quebec City after more than a year of dating. Josh is the first person I am with where I am at complete ease and where I never second-guessed his love for me. I am the luckiest woman! Wolfe got down on one knee with a 1-carat oval diamond set on a 18K gold band designed by Teresa and Sons. Who knew my person was living in the same city as me all these years!

Nick Viall, Vanessa Grimaldi Still Together, ‘The Bachelor’ Couple The dating expert pointed out that “real relationships” were ones that are.

Not only has this dude attempted to find love on The Bachelorette twice, he almost got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise , AND he was cast to be the star of The Bachelor. And suddenly, soul cycle becomes obsolete. In other words, they had history. Amazingly, Nick was, once again, the runner-up, and was, once again, rejected. Tough luck. Kay, so in , Nick briefly dated Leah Block during Bachelor in Paradise season 3 and then moved onto Amanda Stanton—which caused Leah to completely spiral.

But, um, not hard enough for the relationship to stick. We gave this relationship our all and we are saddened that we did not get the fairy-tale ending we hoped for. We will continue to be there for each other no matter what. After reaching new heights of fame due to approximately 80, Bachelor Nation shows, Nick moved on to dating real celebs. He asked me to battle him on Lip Sync Battle. So is that, like, his way of asking me out, or does he have a problem with me?

There was actually nothing to these rumors, but for a hot second, fans thought Nick and Demi were hooking up because she was spotted at his apartment.

Nick Viall

Rumors are swirling once again in Bachelor Nation. She broke his heart and the two were not friends for some time. Now, it looks as though their friendship is back on.

All of which is to say that, in three cases, Viall defied the odds and reached the big game of the biggest dating show in reality television. And three.

Eagle-eyed fans have theorized that season 21 leading man Nick Viall may be dating The O. After Bilson shared a photo on Aug. Gigi Hadid: Dating a Bachelor finalist. Sarah Hyland: Engaged to a Bachelor contestant. Demi Lovato: Possibly dating a Bachelor contestant. Rachel Bilson: Possibly dating a Bachelor. The two split in August , five months after his season 21 finale aired. The exes share daughter Briar Rose , who turns 5 next month.

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‘The Bachelor’ star Nick Viall denies he’s dating ‘Bachelor in Paradise’s Demi Burnett amid rumors

He then went on to appear on one more season of The Bachelorette , a season of the summer spin-off series Bachelor in Paradise and even his very own season of The Bachelor. As most former Bachelor stars do after their 15 minutes are up, Viall also joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars in He was eliminated the same week as Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan if you need more proof we are, in fact, living in a simulation. He was also apparently in a holiday movie called The Christmas Cruise in but that feels like a conversation for another time.

Despite writing a tell-all book partly about their relationship, Viall and Dorfman seem to be on good terms today.

Nick Viall is one of the most well known contestants of ‘The Bachelorette’, he even got his own season for ‘The Bachelor’. But who is he dating.

Rag Time is a bi-weekly media investigation of a single celebrity story that’s vastly more in-depth than you ever thought you needed. This week: Bachelor Nation’s ever-growing influence on the rest of Hollywood. Demi Lovato has reportedly been dating another Bachelorette castoff from the same season, Mike Johnson. Rachel Bilson, former queen of The O. Why is any of this happening? Well, one reason is probably: true love.

But the commingling of A-listers and reality stars also says a lot about how much the traditional, A-to-D List celebrity hierarchy has collapsed in the Instagram age. When The Bachelor premiered in , it seemed inconceivable that one of the contestants could end up dating, say, Jennifer Aniston. In the last few years, more and more celebrities have revealed themselves to be fans of the show, and of reality TV in general.

Are Bachelor Nation reality stars-cum-influencers … becoming regular celebrities? Or are celebrities becoming influencers? The premise of the early seasons of The Bachelor was to offer regular albeit conventionally attractive women the opportunity to date someone sort-of famous or rich, or at least someone who appeared to be one of those things.

How Do We Feel About This Kelley Flanagan & Nick Viall Photo?

Nick Viall first appeared on our television screens in when he was on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. Not only did he receive the first impression rose on the first night, but he was also one of the last two left standing during the final rose ceremony. However, he broke our collective hearts with his tears when Andi chose Josh Murray over him, and he was left devastated. He later appeared in Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette in when he showed up during a group date and asked if he could join the cast.

He once again made it to the final rose ceremony only to be dumped once more when Kaitlyn chose Shawn Booth. Nick decided he was not done looking for love or having his heart stomped on when he appeared in the third season of Bachelor In Paradise.

Nick Viall finally proposes in The Bachelor finale, but has he really found love? ‘We were kind of dating the same guy’: How two Bachelor.

O n The Bachelor, Nick Viall is still looking for love. Turns out it is not in Bimini. He ushers her off into the sunset, and then casually hands roses to his other four girlfriends who he also loves and respects. Raven, Vanessa, Rachel and Corinne all accept his roses and invite him to their homes to meet their families. During their tour of town, Raven takes Nick for some light trespassing onto the top of a grain bin.

Raven convinces her brother to cut them loose and then she and Nick go make out in a swamp, which probably violates the Endangered Species Act. They clean the swamp mud out of their belly buttons and go to meet the parents. Instead of pointing out the inherent problem with Raven rebounding from a boyfriend who cheated on her with a guy with three other girlfriends, her dad decides to use the opportunity to share some good news. Raven does know that Nick has been on this show three other times, right?

The Bachelor Nick & Vanessa’s Finale Date – Part 4

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